when you invest with us,

we invest in you.

We’re not a big firm. And that’s on purpose.

When it comes to our client roster we prefer to keep it small. We cultivate high-level relationships so we can truly get to know what’s important to you and your family. Your time is valuable. A customized experience helps you get some of that time back.


living the good life starts with a good plan.

Our 4-step plan makes the process painless.

Our process is designed to keep the big picture in mind, build financial confidence, and repeat the experience over time. It’s not only about working towards retirement. It’s about living a great life while you’re getting there.




Life is social and we all have goals. So this process starts with a meeting. We’ll talk about your family, your job and your favorite sports teams. We’ll talk about your life, your goals and try to understand what financial security means to you. We’ll answer all your questions. If we like each other and decide we’re a good fit, we’ll take care of the rest.



we get the big picture.

Using simple, modern, visual tech tools, we provide you with a big picture view so you can keep tabs on your investments and goals. Tools like Riskalyze, Black Diamond reporting and eMoney keep you posted on your performance and show your entire financial picture in relation to your goals in ways you can truly understand.



we make numbers meaningful.

We know how frustrating it can be to understand complicated financial statements. So we’ve developed a customized experience to help you better understand the numbers and clearly see what’s most important to you. This includes
one-on-one training, an easy to understand
outline of your plans and a strategy projecting
what it takes to get there.



we're with you for the
long haul.

We at Boon are selective about who we take on as clients. We work with people we like, which means we develop relationships that are important to us.
To maintain this relationship and keep your money working hard for you, we check in often. We set up one-on-one quarterly reviews. We discuss the state of your money and what’s happening in the market. Then we’ll get to work to tweak your plans as we go.