your best interest

is our only interest.

You are not your parents’ generation. So why invest like it?

The big financial firms try to plug you into a static model that never changes over time. But your financial needs are significantly different from your parents’ generation. Today’s investments require a dynamic model, because the world isn’t static. So the approach needs to be different. This is where Boon comes in. As the industry changes, our approach evolves as our clients’ needs evolve. We always put your interests first.


we put your wealth to work.


We offer a disciplined and diversified approach to investing.

Our philosophy is built on higher expected returns and low expenses to capitalize on opportunity. We couple low-cost traditional investments, while looking to add unique opportunities like real estate, private equity, venture capital and other direct investments when it makes sense.


Together we create a plan based on your family and life goals.


We structure a globally diversified portfolio using an evidenced-based approach.

We believe markets work and reward investors over time. 


We provide collaboration
and education to help you
stay on track.


is your broker making you broke?

Boon is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), not a broker.
So what’s the difference and why does it matter?

A broker is held only to a “suitability” standard, which means they can get away with recommending a poor performing investment that costs the most and pays the highest broker commission. In this case, the broker’s interest comes first, not the client’s.

   An RIA has a fiduciary responsibility, supervised by the state or the SEC, to always put a client’s interests first. What an RIA recommends has to be the best for the client at the lowest cost, regardless of what the outcome is for the RIA.


If you’re not sure what type of investment advisor you currently have,
we'll help you find out.


when it comes to managing risk, it's personal.


Managing risk is an important part of our process. Riskalyze is a tech tool we use to help determine your personal risk tolerance. Once we know your comfort level, we construct a custom financial portfolio to match. If you’re interested in quantifying the risk in your existing portfolio, click below and give it a go.